About Us

Who is Team Josh?

Team Josh began as a personal reference to our parent team of Shai and Rubina. Our son Josh is diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome (don’t tell him that though!) and has Tetralogy of Fallots with Pulmonary Atresia. The name stuck over the years just a we stuck to our guns . Josh, as a toddler, would always say, “Never give up, Mumma. We never give up.” These days as a teenager, he is more like, “Whatever”.

In honour of our heart warrior, we began this initiative to raise awareness regarding Congenital Heart Defects in India. Mostly because of our own experiences that lead us to realise that when educated parents like us can be caught off guard then we need to educate others like us. Or maybe just everyone who cares enough. Since the inception in 2017, every year we run a quirky and fun online campaign via Facebook called A Selfie for Josh. Basically we ask people to wear red and post their selfies online using our hashtags, during the International Heart Defects Week in February. Details of the campaign are posted on social media well ahead of time.

A majority of the Team’s activities are spearheaded by Rubina and brought to a realistic level by Shai. Rubina is a Nurse Practitioner by qualification, but ended up being headhunted into a corporate career abroad. From PR Executive to a Homeschooling Mom back to base in India, Life has had some wonderful twists in its plot, including being published as a coauthor in 2020. Shai is a well known name in the financial services industry since the past 12 years and dons many hats really. Currently he is involved with his own start up and always on call for his family.

Josh is the Life of the Team and the Joy! He brings the inspiration on board and his many challenges push us parents to get creative solutions and grow as individuals. No we don’t have all the answers, but, we never stop figuring things out. Josh loves Minecraft, travelling, his family, social media, photography and is a real foodie. The most important member, however, is Oreo Thor – family therapist cum angel cum best friend, our loving resident husky who has the deepest sighs as he deals with his complicated hoomins.

We are passionate about helping others overcome the obstacles we have faced earlier and intend to enable parents successfully navigate the road to parenting a CHD child. Team Josh is focused mainly on education and raising awareness about CHD, providing tools to cope with the impact of these debilitating conditions on the family unit and finances.

Talk to Us ! Share your story and experiences with CHD. We would love to hear from you. We are present on social media as well. Follow Us !